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Increase in activity

Bailine helps clients build lean muscle mass with over 90 specially designed simulator programs, targeting specific areas of the body. Our computerized muscle stimulating treatment is identical to traditional exercise and can even be used as an alternative for those who cannot exercise.

Modification of diet

The foundation for a healthy lifestyle is based on good eating habits. We educate our clients on their food selection, and guide them towards healthy choices. We do not promote fad diets or starvation; simply healthy, balanced eating, focused on variety and portion control.

Mental conditioning

We give our clients the tools they need to gradually change their lifestyle so that they don’t just lose the weight and inches; they keep it off by examining their current lifestyle and learn how to successfully combine nutrition, training and a can-do attitude.

Our Selected Products & Services

Bailine Muscle Toning and inch-loss simulator

Start losing inches by scheduling your free Bailine consultation. Based on your personal goals and desired results. We will provide you with suggested treatment, and a plan of action and what results to expect. Our Computerized Muscle Stimulating treatments are designed specifically for each client body needs. Your Bailine Therapist will do a complete Customized Figure Analysis on your first treatment session.

Expected Results:
Lose total of 15 to 25 centimetres on average after 10 Bailine treatments.

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Toning and Firming - Esthederm Lift & Repair System

Superficial smoothing is great but deep down re-generating and re-structuring is even better! LIFT & REPAIR skincare products act on the skin's surface and deep down resulting in skin which appears lifted and firmer.


  • Physical action (immediate firming effect)
  • Biological action: smooths the skin's micro-relief
Long-lasting biological action:

  • restructures,
  • regenerates, and
  • re-firms the skin

Esthederm Cellular Water Spray, Cream, and Gel
Universal Moisturizing and Revitalizing Product.

Water quality plays a key role. Thermal waters can cure certain conditions but they are not ideal for healthy skin. While the demineralized water generally used in cosmetics is pure, it does not provide an ideal cellular environment for the skin. This is why Esthederm Institute researchers invented Cellular Water to replicate the water found naturally in the skin to ensure lasting vitality.

Skin is fully revitalized and energized and regains the radiance and comfort of incredibly healthy skin.

The Award-winner Esthederm Trilogy

This new set contains three essential yet complementary skincare products to help skin take control of its own own beauty in all circumstances by targeting its three universal needs.

The three universal needs:

  • Regeneration
  • Hydro-energy
  • Protection
The set contains:

  • 1 Cellular Water Spray, 100ml
  • 1 UV inCellium Spray, 100ml
  • 1 E.V.E. Serum Source, 30ml


Microdermabrasion is an integral part of any comprehensive skin care program. With controlled projection of a flow of inert micro-crystals, very fine layers of the skin are abraded or removed. This means that the layer of dead skin is removed, and the healthy skin cells below will then grow your skin back to its healthy shine and younger look and feel.

This process is very safe and results are great. Actually, it makes you get a smoother and fresher skin than you ever thought possible.

We recommend microdermabrasion as the initial step in your plan for a healthier and younger looking you.


Why Choose Us?

Client Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

  • Our medically trained and accredited aestheticians and therapists will take time to understand your skin and body care goals and objectives and will recommend a custom program designed for your specific needs.
  • Our commitment to ongoing professional development, research and technology, ensure you will achieve the best results.
  • Our staff will educate you on your options, introduce you to skincare and body training habits and products that will help you ensure that your skin and body remains healthy and vibrant long after your visit.

Complimentary Consultation and Trials

  • Free Cosmetic Facial consultation.
  • Free Body Sculpting consultation by highly trained therapists.

Our Goals and Commitments

  • Our highly experienced professionals use only the most current state-of-the-art, FDA and CSA approved products and aesthetic equipment.
  • We believe that beautiful looking skin and a healthy body requires an ongoing commitment to daily skin care, body training, and healthy living.

What Our Clients Say

Highly professional staff. Really clinically aware and passionate to share the benefits of their services that have been clinically studied. I felt safe and well cared for. Body Revive cares for each client individually and takes the time to answer questions. I will defiantly go back!

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