Body Treatments


Are you satisfied with your figure?

With advanced computerized muscle training, Bailine ensures that your body receives proper physical training, increases blood flow, promotes forgotten muscles and tightens loose and flabby skin. You will become more conscious of your on musculature because of the treatment's biofeedback effect on the central nervous system - encouraging you to change your habits and achieve your personal goals.

Clients are encouraged to initially visit the salon three times a week for a 5 week period in order to obtain maximum results. During these customized treatment sessions you will relax in a private cubicle while gentle electronic pulses work your muscles into shape, without any stress on your joints. Bailine offers you a quick, relaxing and easy alternative or compliment to traditional exercise methods, helping tone the "tough to hit" areas of your body. Frequent remeasuring will be done to track your progress.

This is all done in a conveniently located women-only Bailine Studio with a relaxed atmosphere, private rooms and knowledgeable certified Bailine Therapists on staff. The 40-60 minute sessions are a cinch to fit in a busy woman's schedule and the results are guaranteed!

Our approach is the added luxury many women are looking for in a slimming program. Computerized muscle training takes place while you relax on a comfortable bed and it works better than you can possibly imagine.

Why Choose Bailine?

  • Build up muscle mass while you relax!
  • Reduce weight by losing Fat and not Muscle Tissue
  • Lose total of 15 to 25 centimetres on average after 10 treatments
  • The non-surgical non-invasive computerized method to tone and shape your body
  • Bailine is approved by CSA, Nemko, IEC, CE/EEA(93/42/EEC) around the globe
  • 96% of women who follow the Bailine program achieve desired results
  • We promote healthy life routines, no fad or starvation diets

Hourglass Figures

Here in Body Revive MedSpa, your ideal measurements will be determined by means of an advanced computer program
which takes into account your personal hourglass figure, height, age, fat percentage and bone structure.

Classical Hourglass

There is general consensus that the most “feminine” shape is what is known as the “classic hourglass figure”, despite the fact that the ideal of beauty has changed over the years. A firm, rounded bust, a narrow waist, gently curving hips, firm arms and narrow thighs are elements which are interpreted as signs of fertility and youth. The distance around the bust and buttocks are approximately equal, with the waistline 6 to 12 inches less. To obtain this figure, the bust must be at least medium size. The figure should be in balance, with little variation between bust, buttocks and combined thigh measurements. The waistline is narrower than the back measurement.

Triangular Hourglass

The “triangular hourglass” figure is narrow at the top and wider towards the bottom.
It is the hourglass figure with all the sand at the bottom - or more precisely, no larger than medium bust, with buttocks and combined thigh measurement appreciably greater than the bust measurement.

Oval Hourglass

The oval hourglass is an hourglass figure where the sand has collected in the middle. There is balance between the bust measurement and the combined thigh and buttocks measurement. A figure can be oval even though the waistline is somewhat narrower than the back measurement. This figure type generally has a less pronounced waist and the waistline is about equal to the back measurement.

Narrow Hourglass

The narrow hourglass is thin in relation to its height.
The bust is small and the bust measurement and buttocks are roughly equal.
The waistline may be a little narrower. This person has light bone structure.

Rectangular Hourglass

The rectangular hourglass has approximately equal waist, hip and buttock measurements,
with bust no larger than medium and a large bone structure.

Inverted Triangle
Inverted Triangular Hourglass

The inverted triangular hourglass is the figure where time stood still - the sand is all at the top,
the bust measurement is clearly greater than the buttocks and combined thigh measurements.

Bailine Testimonials

I lost over 11 inches in just 6 weeks! The Bailine treatments were able to target and reduce my lower abdomen far more than typical workouts have ever been able to.

Rose D. North Wales, PA, USA

After my first pregnancy I had too much weight on my body, after my second child I lost faith in having my figure back. Then I started with Bailine with no expectations. The unimaginable happened; within 3 months I lost 12 kilos. This was far above my expectations.

Synnøve Teigen Happy mom of two children, Norway

I have been with Bailine for a while and I have to say that I never expected that I would feel this happy with my body, both literally and metaphorically. I even feel like cycling and walking, my muscles have become stronger and that feels so good!!! There is one thing I regret … that I had not started with Bailine much earlier.

Judith Haarlem, Netherlands

Bailine is the best thing that has happened to me and best system existing for us women. The fat disappears where it is supposed to disappear and the muscles increase where they are supposed to increase. With the help of Bailine I have reached the goals that I desired.

Karin Dahl Ängelhol, Sweden

Thanks to Bailine I have found the ultimate way to lose weight and size; total 13 kg and 106 centimetres – this is perfect for me.

Annica Liljekvist Helsingborg, Sweden